30 Nov – 12 Dec 2023, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Partnering to address climate change impacts in Central Africa through scientific research: the RIOFAC and RESSAC initiatives

Following the Central African Forest Commission (COMIFAC) invitation for side event, CIFOR-ICRAF proposes a 60-minute session on two strategic initiatives (RIOFAC and RESSAC) implemented by CIFOR-ICRAF and partners.

These initiatives aim to contribute to a green economy that enables indigenous, sustainable and inclusive economic development, while addressing climate change and the preservation of biodiversity in all Central Africa Forests Commission (COMIFAC) countries. In general, the sub-region of central is highly vulnerable to climate change but lacks coordination of interventions for efficient responses reflecting the connections between climate change, biodiversity conservation, sustainable forest management, and sustainable development in the Central Africa. The project “Strengthening and institutionalization of the central African Forest (RIOFAC)” is funded by the EU to support the Central African Forests Observatory (OFAC), at the heart of information channels for better informed decision making.

OFAC provides the sub-region and its partners with essential tools for steering and sharing knowledge for better governance and sustainable management of central African Forest ecosystems. The program Applied Research in Ecology and Social Sciences Central African Forest Ecosystems (RESSAC) is funded by the EU to strengthen the capacity of key actors to produce knowledge on biodiversity, forest ecosystems and livelihood that can be used by different stakeholders to address and reduce the impacts of climate change in Central Africa. Promoting the use of that knowledge in the modus operandi of targeted players and in the development, implementation and monitoring of public policies and sustainable development assistance programs becomes urgent in Central Africa.