30 Nov – 12 Dec 2023, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Towards a common ground for agriculture and conservation communities

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Globally, the importance of improving the resilience and the long-term viability of farming and food systems in the context of climate change is increasingly recognized. However, in most countries, current public policies continue to support unsustainable agriculture practices focused on maximizing production while overlooking its dependence on the ecosystems and soil health. One of the driving mechanisms of this issue is the lack of understanding and communication between Conservation and Agriculture communities, both at local and international level.

To address this problem, IUCN is determined to bridge the gap among these different constituencies, build convergence around the common urge to promote land health and sustainable agriculture for addressing the growing challenges in the food-climate-biodiversity nexus and influence ambitious policymaking. By leading multi-stakeholder “Common Ground” dialogues at national and international level, IUCN is already encouraging synergies on sensitive sustainability issues and priority actions in key value chains and landscapes. These inclusive discussions fora are an important instrument to build awareness, address controversies and build trust between agriculture and conservation communities.

This event aims to provide a discussion space for such a ‘Common Ground Dialogue’ at global level on shared sustainability challenges and inspire joint policy initiatives.

After a ministerial opening and welcoming remarks from a high-level IUCN representative, a panel discussion will take place with representatives from farming, conservation, policy, research and business to:

  1. Agree on some priority agriculture sustainability issues that should be addressed in these Common Ground Dialogues.
  2. Share experiences on successful policy convergence processes between agriculture and conservation sectors.
  3. Suggest new large scale thematic initiatives/coalitions that would be instrumental to mobilise the international community.