GGCI High-level panel on Innovative finance mechanisms for sustainable landscape

UNCCD COP 15 Green Business Forum 2022

According to IUCN, almost 2 billion USD is required annually for the world to achieve its Land Degradation Neutrality Target, according to IUCN. Even though the Land Degradation Neutrality fund has started to address that financing gap, there is still a significant shortfall in addressing the acute need to restore degraded landscapes that can create resilient livelihoods for those vulnerable to the ill effects of desertification and climate change. International organizations and the private sector are developing various initiatives that have the potential to mobilize new finance.

The objectives of this session, taking place during the UNCCD Green Business Forum are to:

  1. Enhance the awareness on innovative ways for mobilizing new finance for sustainable landscape incentivizing the private sector.
  2. Receive reflections from the audience on the presented initiatives.
  3. Collect inputs on aspects that can incentivize private sector participation in sustainable landscape activities.

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Peter Minang

Director Africa, CIFOR-ICRAF