Against all odds: The winding path from multidimensional fragility to drought resilience in drylands

Around 2 billion people live in fragile conditions presently, which is likely to grow to half of the world’s poor by 2030. More than half the people seriously affected by natural disasters live in fragile states. The emerging consensus is that environmental factors and natural resource scarcity can be a driver of fragility, as ecosystems with limited coping capacities are less resilient to stresses and shocks.

The session brings together global actors to support the dialogue on drought management, drylands, and fragility from multiple perspectives. Speakers drawn from institutions, civil society, academia, and internal organizations will outline the complexities of fragile systems and examine the specificities of drought-prone drylands to foster the elaboration of a roadmap for resilience. Outcomes of the session will convene a diversity of stakeholders at different levels to reverse the narrative of fragility in drylands by giving prominence to our capacities to learn and overcome all odds, in line with the call to action of the UNCCD COP15.


Leigh Winowiecki

Global research leader: soil and land health, CIFOR-ICRAF