High Level Breakfast: Grasslands, Savannahs and Rangelands Coalition for Food, People and Nature

54% of our global terrestrial land is made up of grasslands, savannahs and rangelands. These ecocystems provide a shared home for wildlife and people, support livelihoods and provide life giving services and benefits. However, they are undervalued and overlooked, subsequently they face some of the fastest and largest rates of land conversion and degradation, resulting in livelihood, habitat and biodiversity losses, carbon emissions, food and freshwater insecurity. This high level breakfast convenes stakeholders to build a coalition and alliances to advocate and take action for resilient and sustainable lands in grasslands, savannahs and rangelands for food, people and nature.


Tony Simons

Director General, World Agroforestry (ICRAF)
Executive Director, CIFOR-ICRAF