Main side event

Conflict, COVID, Climate Change: Bouncing back from crisis through the Agriculture Breakthrough

At the UNFCCC COP26, 45 countries representing 70% of global GDP launched the Breakthrough Agenda and committed to work together this decade to accelerate the development and deployment of the clean technologies needed to meet the Paris Agreement goals, ensuring they are affordable and accessible for all. A critical sector for the Breakthrough Agenda is agriculture, where around USD, 60 billion is spent every year on agricultural research and innovation. However, in spite of this investment, land degradation and desertification, together with conflict, COVID and climate change are threatening lives and livelihoods of small-scale farmers. It has been estimated that to turn the tide on these issues, current investments will need to be realigned and new investments to the tune of USD 15 billion a year mobilized. The Agriculture Breakthrough seeks to bridge the innovation gap in agriculture, and has the goal of making climate-resilient, sustainable agriculture the most attractive and widely adopted option for farmers everywhere by 2030.

This side-event will introduce the Agriculture Breakthrough and bring together action-oriented stakeholders to: build support for the Agriculture Breakthrough and 2030 vision and identify the collective action and partnerships needed to deliver the Breakthrough goal.


Christophe Kouame

Country Director Cote d’Ivoire, CIFOR-ICRAF