The world’s ecosystems are in crisis. Deforestation and the degradation of land across the planet is accelerating climate change and biodiversity loss, harming livelihoods and putting humanity at risk. Join CIFOR-ICRAF over the coming weeks in this special series and learn how land restoration through transformative science and strong partnerships can lead to impactful solutions to address the global challenges of our time.


CIFOR-ICRAF is transforming lives and building resilient landscapes across the world. Learn more about how our innovative solutions, research and tools are creating sustainable farms and forests through stories of transformation.


A quarter of the earth’s land is degraded and mounting pressure to convert forests, mangroves and other intact landscapes into farmland results in the loss of 24 billion tonnes of fertile topsoil each year. This accelerated pace of degradation affects some 3.2 billion people through the loss of critical ecosystem services and contributes to climate change, inequality, loss of biodiversity, broken food systems and unsustainable supply chains.

CIFOR-ICRAF’s research and work on the ground across Asia, Africa and Latin America to rewet peatlands, monitor land health, collaborate with farmers is boosting the health and productivity of land and the livelihoods and wellbeing of the people in it. Working with partners, governments, land managers and many others, these evidence-based innovations are improving livelihoods and building resilient landscapes.


Rewetting Indonesia’s peatlands

CIFOR-ICRAF and partners’ efforts suggest that local level action in addition to stronger local laws might help restore peat landscapes and prevent future fires. 


“It is time to acknowledge wetlands’ critical role for biodiversity – and the solutions they provide on climate change and sustainable development. It is time to fulfil commitments to stop the loss of the world’s wetlands.”




Knowledge exchange plays a vital role in establishing strong links between researchers and research users such as policymakers, governments, non-governmental organisations, media, and local communities to share ideas, experiences, and best practices. 

CIFOR-ICRAF’s research on wetlands has had important impacts on policy and science in recent years. As part of our ongoing outreach and engagement efforts, we regularly provide insights and perspectives to the study of wetlands, including mangroves, peatlands, and seagrass meadows, in two-way exchanges with partners and stakeholders.  

We therefore cordially invite you to participate in the Wetlands Knowledge Exchange, a digital event hosted by CIFOR-ICRAF to provide updates, perspectives, and recent scientific developments on wetlands research with leading CIFOR-ICRAF scientists. Our aim is to help promote the value of these critical ecosystems in efforts to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

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Global Wetlands Map

Global wetlands map is an interactive web-based map that provides country and sub-national level wetland profiles as well as datasets to conduct analysis.

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Ecosystem protection and restoration are highly cost-effective climate change solutions.

Be part of a growing movement of restoration champions around the world

Be part of a growing movement of restoration champions around the world