Jeganmohan Reddy D

Associate Chief of Party-TOFI Program

Jeganmohan holds a Bachelor’s in Agriculture from Tamil Nadu Agricultural University and a Master’s in Agricultural Economics from Punjab Agricultural University. His career spans over 18 years, with the initial six years dedicated to Rural Banking and the subsequent 12 years focused on Agriculture/Horticulture Value Chains, Farmer Producer Organizations’ promotion, Training and Capacity Building of farmers in High-value Horticulture crops, Monitoring and Evaluation, and Project Management. In 2022, Jegan joined CIFOR-ICRAF as the State Coordinator for Andhra Pradesh under the TOFI Program and was appointed as the Associate Chief of Party (TOFI) in September 2023. Currently, he oversees the TOFI program activities in the states of Andhra Pradesh, Odisha, and Tamil Nadu.