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The Roundtable for Indigenous Peoples in Voluntary Isolation and Initial Contact: Loreto, Peru

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Key messages

  • The active participants of Loreto’s Roundtable for Indigenous Peoples in Voluntary Isolation and Initial Contact acknowledge that this initiative, despite its recent creation, has made progress in raising awareness, exchanging information between stakeholders and generating internal instruments to organize activities. However, there is no systematic way to monitor the platform’s progresses and results.
  • There is a general perception that this multistakeholder forum’s (MSF) goals should be set to a longer time frame than originally expected. There is also uncertainty regarding its effectiveness in addressing land-rights issues and land-use conflicts in areas where Indigenous reserves have been proposed.
  • Several factors challenge the MSF’s equity, including its incomplete definition of membership rules for nongovernmental organizations (NGOs) and nationallevel government agencies, the lack of engagement with Indigenous leaders and local actors, and the underrepresentation of women.


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