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CIFOR–ICRAF addresses local challenges and opportunities while providing solutions to global problems for forests, landscapes, people and the planet.

We deliver actionable evidence and solutions to transform how land is used and how food is produced: conserving and restoring ecosystems, responding to the global climate, malnutrition, biodiversity and desertification crises. In short, improving people’s lives.

Viet Nam

Viet Nam

Since 2007, CIFOR-ICRAF has been registered in Viet Nam. There are currently 25 staff in the country. We work closely with the Government of Viet Nam, particularly the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development (MARD) and the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment (MONRE), on key national and subnational policies for sustainable development. CIFOR-ICRAF research evidence has informed national and subnational policy frameworks, including the 2017 Law on Forestry, the Viet Nam Forestry Development Strategy 2021–2030 with a vision to 2050, the national scheme on Payment for Forest Environmental Services, and policy for PFES payment distribution in Son La Province.

Our main research areas include agroforestry, social forestry, sustainable livelihoods, land restoration and ecosystem services, partnerships for sustainable development, community/social forestry, climate change (climate change adaptation and mitigation, climate financing, REDD+, sustainable coastal and wetland mitigation and adaptation), and gender and social inclusion as cross-cutting theme. Our capacity development efforts focus on national and subnational officials in forestry, agriculture and extension systems, as well as researchers, staff from Vietnamese non-governmental organizations, the media, and local communities.


Tan Quang Nguyen

Country Coordinator, Viet Nam

Key outcomes

  • Viet Nam Law on Forestry 2017
  • Viet Nam Forestry Development Strategy 2021–2030 with a vision to 2050
  • National scheme on Payment for Forest Environmental Services (PFES)
  • Son La Province policy on PFES payment distribution
  • Mitigation of land degradation in upland fields through promotion of natural terraces to prevent soil erosion and enhance local livelihoods
  • Restoration of local landscapes through the establishment of agroforestry
  • Empowerment of local communities, a with focus on women and ethnic minorities, through socially inclusive capacity building, networking and technical supports
  • Reinforcement of teaching capacity in local universities on emerging issues such as PFES for mangroves and sustainable wildlife conservation

National partners

  • Can Tho University (CTU)
  • Center for Highland Natural Resource Governance Research (CEGORN)
  • Consultative Institute for Socio-Economic Development of Rural and Mountainous Areas (CISDOMA)
  • Department of Agriculture and Rural Development (DARDs)
  • Department of Crop Production (DCP)
  • Dong A University (UDA)
  • Hue University of Agriculture and Forestry (HUAF)
  • Institute of Policy and Strategy for Agriculture and Rural Development (IPSARD)
  • National Institute of Agricultural Planning and Projection (NIAPP)
  • Plant Protection Research Institute (PPRI)
  • Tay Nguyen University (TNU)
  • Thai Nguyen University of Agriculture and Forestry (TUAF)
  • Viet Nam Agricultural Extension (VAE)
  • Vietnam Administration of Forestry (VNFOREST)
  • Vietnam Farmers\’ Association (VNFU) and its branch in Ha Tinh province (HTFU)
  • Vietnam Gardening Association (VACVINA)
  • Western Highlands Agriculture and Forestry Science Institute (WASI)

Contact us

Viet Nam Country Office
13th Floor, HCMCC Tower
Thuy Khue Street, Thuy Khue Ward
Tay Ho District, Ha Noi, Viet Nam
Tel: +84 24 3783 4645
Email: icraf-vietnam@cifor-icraf.org

Tan Quang Nguyen
Country Coordinator
Email: n.quangtan@cifor-icraf.org