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Trees and forest genetic resources, and biodiversity

Trees and forest genetic resources, and biodiversity

Our work on tree genetic resources has raised the importance of trees and biodiversity globally through international initiatives.

The ability of farmers and forest dwellers to produce food and other goods and services depends on biodiversity in genes, species and ecosystems. Yet the world is experiencing an alarming and accelerating loss of biodiversity, which is undermining progress towards development goals related to poverty, health and climate, among others.

CIFOR-ICRAF’s work on tree productivity and diversity aims to deliver on the best science needed to safeguard tree diversity, domesticate trees and deliver suitable tree planting material to growers – including for food, fodder, timber and medicinal plants.

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Ramni Jamnadass

Theme Co-Leader, Trees and forest genetic resources, and biodiversity

Lars Graudal

Co-Team Leader, Trees and forest genetic resources, and biodiversity

About this theme

CIFOR-ICRAF’s work on tree genetic resources supports global, regional and national action plans on the management and conservation of trees and biodiversity through the co-development of effective and affordable methods, technologies, gender-responsive guidelines, decision-support tools and proofs of concept in partnership with relevant institutions and networks. Related work on the African Orphan Crops Consortium is designed to improve and enhance nutrition in Africa.

Through this research, CIFOR-ICRAF supports the Paris Agreement and the Sustainable Development Goals, particularly Goal 2: Zero hunger; Goal 1: No poverty; and Goal 15: Life on Land, as well as Goal 5: Gender equality.

Trees and forest genetic resources, and biodiversity: Fast facts

Up to 1 million species are threatened with extinction, many within decades. The current rate of global species extinction is 10s – 100s of times higher than the average rate over the last 10 million years, and is accelerating
Of the 60,082 known tree species worldwide, nearly half (45%) are members of just 10 families and 58% endemic to just one country



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