CIFOR–ICRAF publishes over 750 publications every year on agroforestry, forests and climate change, landscape restoration, rights, forest policy and much more – in multiple languages.

CIFOR–ICRAF addresses local challenges and opportunities while providing solutions to global problems for forests, landscapes, people and the planet.

We deliver actionable evidence and solutions to transform how land is used and how food is produced: conserving and restoring ecosystems, responding to the global climate, malnutrition, biodiversity and desertification crises. In short, improving people’s lives.

Forest security and nutrition

Forest security and nutrition

Feeding a growing population – without destroying the planet – will take a paradigm shift in the global food system.

Whether their meals come from farms, forests or markets, rural communities need dependable and nutritious sources of food. Yet our food systems are threatened by unsustainable agricultural practices, deforestation and forest degradation, climate change and biodiversity loss. Diet transitions towards ultra-processed foods are contributing towards rising obesity and overweight all over the world.  In some places, shifting patterns of land use and productive activities are changing local diets, sometimes leading to an increased risk of malnutrition.

To help transform food systems, CIFOR-ICRAF is promoting the widescale adoption of agroecological approaches, including farmer-led strategies to increase tree cover and diversity across agricultural landscapes. And by providing evidence on how forests and trees contribute to people’s diets, we are raising awareness and influencing national policies to include forests and trees as part of national and local food systems.

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Food security and nutrition: Fast facts

2X – The global demand for food is expected to double by 20501
75% of the world’s food is generated from only 12 plants and five animal species2
More than 50% of the world’s fruits and all of our nuts come from trees3


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