Transparency framework (measurement, reporting and verification system)

Transparency framework (measurement, reporting and verification system)

Transparency is the backbone of the Paris Agreement, and greenhouse gas inventories are essential inputs to the global stocktake process starting in 2023 that will determine whether countries are collectively achieving their emission reduction goals.

CIFOR’s work supports national and subnational stakeholders in enhancing data quality, transparency and accountability in the forest and land use sectors through the joint development of higher quality, more accessible and frequently updated information, and attention to the institutions and accountability mechanisms that support its responsible use. This will help countries to develop more efficient, effective and equitable forest-friendly policies and actions. It is also expected to lead to greater international financial and technical support for climate and development goals.

CIFOR and partners are:

  • Assessing technical services capacity in developing countries, and devising more effective capacity‐building efforts
  • Continuing support for countries setting reference forest emissions levels
  • Testing methods and measuring accuracy vs. cost tradeoffs for community‐based monitoring
  • Developing driver‐specific recommendations for integrated approaches to transparent and accountable monitoring of deforestation, forest degradation and restoration.

Research results are being integrated into comprehensive guidance for transparent and accountable monitoring at different temporal and spatial scales.

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