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Asia-Pacific Climate Week 2023


Announcing agroforestry milestone: The 43,000 ha vision in Bali

This event will showcase a groundbreaking partnership between local communities, governments, private companies and international organizations to restore 43,000 hectares of degraded land in Northeast Bali using assisted natural regeneration, enrichment planting, and agroforestry.

The event will begin with a short film screening highlighting the challenges and opportunities of landscape restoration in Bali. Next, there will be an announcement of a monumental commitment of 43,000 HA towards agroforestry plantation, marking the initiation of the first 20 HA, followed by a presentation of concrete climate action, including community-driven biogas and agroforestry projects connected with eco-education and tourism with a private company.

Envision a revitalized Bali where degraded lands bloom once more, fostering sustainable farming, robust ecotourism, and enhanced ecosystem services. This event is a unique opportunity to learn about an innovative landscape restoration project, network with other experts in the field, and contribute to the future of Bali.


  1. Isabelle Mallon, Scientist, Stockholm Environment Institute
  2. Aneta Nikolova, UNESCAP
  3. Swetha Peteru, Scientist, CIFOR-ICRAF
  4. Kandai Nakamura, CEO, TigerMOV
  5. Takeshi Takama, CEO, su-re.co

Moderator: Ryoma Takma, Student representative, Dyatmika school