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Phylogenetic assessment and taxonomic revision of Halobyssothecium and Lentithecium (Lentitheciaceae, Pleosporales)

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Our studies on lignicolous aquatic fungi in Thailand, Sweden, and the UK resulted in the collection of three new Halobyssothecium species (H. bambusicola, H. phragmitis, H. versicolor) assigned to Lentitheciaceae (Pleosporales, Dothideomycetes). Multi-loci phylogenetic analyses of the combined large subunit, small subunit, internal transcribed spacers of ribosomal DNA, and the translation elongation factor 1-alpha sequence data enabled a revision of the taxa assigned to Lentithecium and the transfer of L. cangshanense, L. carbonneanum, L. kunmingense, L. unicellulare, and L. voraginesporum to Halobyssothecium. Collection of an asexual morph of L. lineare and phylogenetic analysis confirmed its taxonomic placement in Keissleriella. Detailed descriptions and illustrations of H. bambusicola, H. phragmitis, and H. versicolor are provided. © 2021, The Author(s).

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