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Trees for food security: transforming lives and landscapes in Ethiopia

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Different approaches were used to take trees to scale with the number of people reached by the project being 12,345. Among the approaches used was through participatory trials where 3649 farmers were directly engaged and tried different agroforestry practices in their farms which included planting niches, different soil moisture retention structures (SMRS) and manuring and composting.Seedling survival was lower in semi-arid than subhumid sites. Survival is apparently a function of many things including the seedling vigour, resources the plants get for growth, physical damages from browsing and trampling, and age The project has now demonstrated that trees on homesteads, boundaries, soil bunds and crop lands can be increased especially if the challenges from open grazing system and moisture stress are addressed
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    Muthuri, C.W.




    ecosystem services, agroforestry, farming systems, food security



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