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Guide du créateur d'une entreprise de production et de commercialisation des plants améliorés d'espèces végétales d'origine forestière

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The World Agroforestry Centre is in the final stages of publishing its new 2008–2015 Strategy that frames this 2009–2011 Medium –Term Plan (MTP). The new strategy articulates six coherent and interlinked Global Research Projects (GRPs) representing redirected and tighter choices from our past more all-encompassing agenda. The evolution of our more focussed agenda from 11 projects in 2007, to 9 in 2008, to these final 6 projects has benefited from several inputs. These include: workshop retreats with our Board of Trustees; recommendations in our 3rd External Programme and Management Review (EPMR); stakeholder’s views of ICRAF’s roles in the Consultative Group on International Agricultural Research (CGIAR) collective action initiatives; two externally facilitated strategic planning exercises; donor consultations; and national and international partner surveys.

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