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Alternatives to Slash and Burn: summary report of phase I

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During the first phase of the Alternatives to Slash and Burn (ASB) project, we forme interdisiplinary teams involving scientists from national research institute, universities an NGO's, as well as from international institutions. In the meantime the outcome of the early site selection process was reviewed on the basis of the guidelines for the characterization process. It was decided that fozr sites would be characterized in order to cover the various ecological zones and the major expected gradients within these zones. A project management structure was developed with a national steering committee to ensure linkages with national policies, a technical working group and a secretariat. Through a competitive mechanism partners were found for the various aspects of the characterization work. Two trainin courses/workshops were held to strengthen the scientific base of the work on carbon dynamics and greenhouse gas emissions and on participatory rural appraisal methods. At the end oh Phase 1 a national workshop was held to review the results abtained and prepare plan for Phase

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