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Watershed entry: a socially-optimal approach

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Most agricultural research anddevelopment (R&D) programs have empha-sized the alleviation of farm-level produc-tivity constraints. Due in part to the limita-tions of this approach for considering theintegration of components and actors atbroader levels (catchment, landscape,community), a number of new approacheshave emerged to address new dimensions ofnatural resource management (NRM).“Participatory watershed management,”“integrated NRM” and “collective action inNRM” are but a few. There is currently animbalance in the strong momentum behindthis shift and the paucity of methodologicalguidelines for operationalizing these newapproaches in agricultural R&D. AHI hasbeen working to develop approaches toground watershed management in localincentives for improved NRM at the land-scape level, and integrating the perspectivesof multiple actors during the watershedentry phase
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    watershed management, community participation, agriculture, production, watershed



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