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Soil productivity, soil conservation and land evaluation

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ICRAF's main contributions to research related to soils have been a symposium, Soils Research in Agroforestry; a review of soil productivity aspects of agroforestry; a further review of the potential of agroforestry for soil conservation, covering both erosion control and maintenance of fertility; the construction of a computerized model to predict soil changes under agroforestry systems; and a handbook of practical methods of agroforestry for soil and water conservation in dryland Africa. In research on land evaluation, an environmental data base has been established, leading to a capacity to obtain information, for environmental conditions similar to those of a given site or area, on publications, multipurpose trees, crops, existing agroforestry systems and current experimental work. Land evaluation for agroforestry cannot be achieved merely by synthesis of methods from agriculture and forestry, but will require more data on the performance of agroforestry land utilization types. Recognition of problems of environmental degradation has become an integral part of planning for agroforestry research. By means of a partial synthesis between land evaluation and diagnosis and design, a procedure of site selection for agroforestry research and development has been established.

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