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Light interception and water use in boundary planting agroforestry systems

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This thesis comprises of eight chapters. The first one gives the background to the study and presents the objectives of the study and the hypotheses tested. Chapter two reviews the relevant literature on biophysical interactions in agroforestry systems and it also covers the light and water use in boundary planting (as an agroforestry technology). The third one describes the site, trees and crops used in the study including measurements made on light interception, water uptake and the distribution of plant roots. Results are presented in chapter four, while chapter five presents the discussions. Tree and crop root distribution is presented in chapter six. Chapter seven discusses the research findings in relation to the tree/crop root distribution and their influence on crop growth and yields. The final chapter gives a general discussion and makes the major conclusions.
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    Okorio J




    agroforestry, alnus acuminata, biological competition, boundaries, casuarina equisetifolia, data analysis, experimental design, grevillea robusta, growth, light



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