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Hydrological modeling in Diass river basin using rainfall-runoff model SWMM

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Conceptual distributed rainfall runoff models are very useful tools for water resources assessment in river system. In this study we have used one of them SWMM to simulate the hydrologica l behavior of Diass river basin. The aim is to evaluate the availability of water in this river basin for application to irrigation and market gardening. With hydroclimatic data and physical data of river basin this software has calculated the flow and losses. We have first analyzed the spatio-temporal evolution of the losses. Secondly we have compared graphically simulated and measured catchment runoff to appropriate model evaluation. The results show strong losses during the rainy season and a good fitness between calculated and observed flows. These results show the performance of SWMM to accurately represent the natural system.This study provides an opportunity for decision maker to take account many important elements before investment plans for irrigation in this area.

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