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Tropical Wetland Initiatives for Climate Adaptation and Mitigation

The understated roles of tropical wetlands in the existing Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change Guidelines (IPCC 2006) require substantial research inputs to narrow information gaps. Tropical wetlands of the world, including mangroves and peatlands, are of great interest because of the numerous ecosystem services at risk from converting these lands to other uses. These ecosystems both affect and are affected by climate change. And the large carbon stocks of tropical wetlands represent a high potential economic value should carbon markets become established and mature. Knowledge generated from collaborative research on tropical wetlands in Indonesia can provide information of global relevance for the supplement of the IPCC Guidelines. In this presentation, CIFOR scientist Daniel Murdiyarso gives an update on the achievements, recent developments and plan ahead for the Tropical Wetland Initiatives for Climate Adaptation and Mitigation (TWINCAM) project - including potential input into the IPCC Guidelines and an overview of training on sampling protocol to ensure consistency of data collection. He gave this presentation to USAID in Washington, US, on 29 February 2012.

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