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Transformative Partnership Platform


Transforming broken food systems through trees and forests

Our global food system is in crisis. Although we now produce more food than ever before,[1] much of it is wasted.[2] One quarter of the world’s population lacks regular access to nutritious, safe and sufficient food.[3] Our current agricultural practices are fueling the climate crisis[4] and degrading land and soils, leading to lost crop productivity and threatening vital pollinators like bees.[5]

But trees and forests can radically improve food and nutrition security, while also helping to heal our food systems.[6]

The Nutri-scapes Transformative Partnership Platform (TPP) explores how wild and cultivated tree-based landscapes can exist together to improve nutrition security. An increasing body of research has shown the important roles that both forests and agroforestry play in providing healthy diets for many people, especially in developing rural communities. Trees benefit food systems directly by providing fruits, nuts, seeds and leaves. These foods, along with the other raw materials they produce, also benefit people indirectly via job creation.

Where is Nutri-scapes active?