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Anne Larson

Team Leader, Governance, equity and well-being

Anne M Larson conducts research on multiple aspects of forest and landscape governance policy and institutions, including property rights, climate change, decentralization, indigenous territories and gender, from local to international scales. She obtained her undergraduate degree in Environmental Science from Stanford University and her PhD in 2001 from UC Berkeley in Wildland Resource Science, with an emphasis on resource policy and institutions. She is a member of the council of the International Land Coalition (ILC, 2019–2021) and represents CIFOR-ICRAF to the Rights and Resources Initiative (RRI). Before moving full time to CIFOR-ICRAF’s office in Lima, Peru, Anne lived in Nicaragua, where she worked with multiple organizations including GIZ, the Nicaraguan Forestry Institute (INAFOR), World Resources Institute (WRI), Ford Foundation, the Nitlapan Institute for Research and Development and the World Bank, among others. She has done both more traditional and action research, as well as supporting innovative efforts such as the design of a diploma course for indigenous communities and community leaders. Prior to obtaining her PhD, she worked as a journalist, activist and lobbyist. Current research priorities include forest land and resource tenure; women’s rights to land in communal forests; multilevel governance and multi-stakeholder processes; and climate change. She coordinates fieldwork in Peru, Brazil, Ethiopia and Indonesia.