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Hybrid Event

International Symposium on Restoration of degraded peatlands

International Symposium on Restoration of degraded peatlands

Connecting science with policy and practice

13 June 2022, 10.00AM-14.40PM WIB (UTC+7), Online and onsite (onsite by invitation only) at CIFOR-MoEF office, Bogor, Indonesia


Peatlands provide critical ecosystem goods and services such as food, energy, climate regulation and biodiversity. These ecosystem goods and services have been severely impacted through unsustainable land-use practices, which have altered the structure and function of peatlands with adverse impact on critical ecosystem goods and services. Scientists, policymakers and practitioners have become increasingly concerned about the impacts of unsustainable land-use practices on peatlands, with their concerns leading to a consensus to take urgent action.  

This international symposium highlights recent findings from collaborative research and work by CIFOR-ICRAF and partners supported by the Republic of Korea’s National Institute of Forest Science (NIFoS) on peatland restoration for food, energy and environmental conservation in Indonesia’s Central Kalimantan and South Sumatra provinces.


  1. To strengthen and expand cooperative research for impact activities for global forestry science development
  2. To intensify bilateral cooperation between Korea’s National Institute of Forest Science and CIFOR-ICRAF and expand innovative findings and good practices co-research toward Southeast Asia
  3. To strengthen and activate co-operative networks of Indonesian forestry organizations
  4. To develop official development assistance evaluation technologies and results-based local communities development model on tropical peatlands.

Expected Outputs

  1. Expand a span of international bilateral cooperation between NIFoS and CIFOR-ICRAF
  2. Explore potentials of multilateral cooperation among NIFoS and Indonesian forestry research organizations
  3. Adopt best practices related to peatland restoration which intersect policy and practice


Yustina Artati (y.artati@cgiar.org)