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Preliminary training of women on the theme of peatland

National Peatland Capacity Building Program


Following the 3rd Meeting of the Global Peatland Initiative (Brazzaville, March 2018), an activity that led to the commitment of States to invest in sustainable practices compatible with peatland conservation, the Democratic Republic of Congo launched its dynamic country dedicated to the conservation and enhancement of peatlands.

As peatlands are an emerging theme, knowledge development is one of its urgent interventions. Strengthening national capacities in peatland conservation and enhancement is one of the elements that deserve special attention, especially in the country’s preparatory phase for peatland management.

Considering the gender aspect would also be a kind of guarantee to the construction of a good national peatland policy. Since the emergence of the theme, the participation of women has not been sufficiently implemented in the context of the Democratic Republic of Congo.

Preliminary information on peatlands must be shared with women. Due to this condition, the Peatland Management unit of the Democratic Republic of Congo, with the support from CIFOR and USFS, organized this training session to share preliminary information with a group of women about peatland in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

Targeted participants of this training were 30 women from various backgrounds, including delegates from the Ministry of Environment and Sustainable Development, environmental civil society actors, universities, higher institutions, and community or local dynamics.


This training conducted in French. All materials of this training are available in French

Contact person

Denis Sonwa, Scientist, CIFOR-ICRAF, d.sonwa@cgiar.org