CIFOR–ICRAF publishes over 750 publications every year on agroforestry, forests and climate change, landscape restoration, rights, forest policy and much more – in multiple languages.

CIFOR–ICRAF addresses local challenges and opportunities while providing solutions to global problems for forests, landscapes, people and the planet.

We deliver actionable evidence and solutions to transform how land is used and how food is produced: conserving and restoring ecosystems, responding to the global climate, malnutrition, biodiversity and desertification crises. In short, improving people’s lives.



The CIFOR-ICRAF Dendroecology Laboratory photos

Nairobi Dendro Lab overview
Wood anatomy
Micro section preparation
Faidherbia system disk
System disk of Juniperus procera
Capacity development PhD student
Nairobi Dendro Lab overview
Wood anatomy
Tree ring width measurement
System disk of Juniperus procera
Laboratorium visit
Sample collection
Capacity development