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Leveraging the Glasgow Leader’s Declaration on Forests and Land Use to accelerate climate actions

“The Glasgow Leaders’ Declaration on Forests And Land Use was a milestone in recognizing forest as critical to achieve sustainable development and climate goals. In this session organized by CIFOR-ICRAF – global thought leader on forests –, country representatives, speakers for indigenous peoples, and researchers will discuss opportunities and challenges to an effective, efficient and equitable implementation of the Glasgow Declaration.”

Moderator: Pham Thu Thuy, CIFOR-ICRAF

Brief introduction (Moderator)

Pham Thu Thuy

Team Leader, Climate Change, Energy and Low-carbon Development, CIFOR-ICRAF


  • Linking forest and low emission food production system (Christopher Martius, CIFOR-ICRAF)
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Christopher Martius

Team Leader, Climate Change, Energy & Low-Carbon Development, CIFOR-ICRAF
  • Lessons learnt from REDD+ finance and benefit-sharing mechanism (Stibniati Atmadja, CIFOR-ICRAF)
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Stibniati Atmadja

Scientist, CIFOR-ICRAF
  • National action plan to implement effective Glasgow Declaration on forest and land use: Lesson learnt from Vietnam (Vu Tan Phuong (Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development of Vietnam)
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Vu Tan Phuong

Vietnam Forest Certification Office/Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development (MARD), Vietnam
  • From COP26 to COP27: The road of the Glasgow climate pact in the DR Congo (Blaise-Pascal Ntirumenyerwa Mihigo, Associate Professor of International Environmental Law, University of Kinshasa)
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Blaise-Pascal Ntirumenyerwa Mihigo

Associate Professor of International Environmental Law, University of Kinshasa
  • Peru experience in implementing the declaration (Milagros Sandoval Diaz, MINAM’s Director General for Climate Change and Desertification)

Milagros Sandoval Diaz

Director of Climate Change, Ministry of Environment (MINAM), Peru

Helen Magata

Tebtebba Foundation

Panel discussion

Q&A and interactive section with audiences