Engagement Landscape


A science, conservation and development hub in the heart of the Congo Basin

More than 2 million people live in the Yangambi landscape, which covers an area of about 1.5 million hectares in the Democratic Republic of the Congo’s Tshopo Province. It is characterized by a wide range of land uses and tenures, including a biosphere reserve, off-reserve forests, logging concessions, and customary arable land.

Yangambi is generating invaluable lessons for a global audience interested on how sustainably managed landscapes can serve as a driver for local development. Research, restoration and climate-smart agriculture activities are putting this landscape at the core of forestry innovation.

Since 2007, CIFOR-ICRAF has been working in the Yangambi landscape to advance forestry research, local development and conservation. Our objective is to support entrepreneurship, innovation, research, and management of natural resources leading to the transformation of the Yangambi landscape into a place where forests contribute to the sustainable well-being of local communities. To do so, we focus on five main activities: capacity improvement, support for local entrepreneurship, biodiversity protection, research for development, and awareness-raising.

To learn more, visit www.cifor.org/yangambi/en and www.yangambi.org.